Corporate Responsibility 

You can delegate authority, but not responsibility

Stephen Comiskey

Corporate Responsiblity at Kuoni Group

We strive to act as a good corporate citizen which takes into full account the current and future economic, social and environmental impacts of our business. Scroll down to find out what Corporate Responsibility at Kuoni Group means.

News @ Corporate Responsibility

Strategic approach to Corporate Responsibility

We are committed – at the highest level of management – to integrate our principles of corporate responsibility in our core business operations. Read about our Corporate Responsibility strategy and materiality, our partnerships and ratings in this section.

Goals and performance

We seek to manage sustainability at Kuoni Group based on clear targeting, measurement and monitoring systems. Read about our progress and performance towards achieving the Corporate Responsibility goals for 2015 and also view the goals set for 2016.

Stakeholder Management

Maintaining an active and constructive dialogue with our stakeholders helps us align our strategy to the needs of society, implement it accordingly, anticipate risks and opportunities and assess our business from other angles and perspectives.


Kuoni Group seeks our colleagues’ commitment to reinforce the sustainability strategy, each in their own way and within their individual work areas.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Kuoni Group acknowledges that fostering sustainability in the supply chain is one of the most effective ways for the Group to promote the values underpinning its Corporate Responsibility strategy.

Sustainable Products

Kuoni Group strives to increase the sustainability of its products and offer a wide range of sustainable products to its customers.

Human Rights

Kuoni Group demonstrates its commitment to respect human rights by focusing its efforts on the rights of the most vulnerable of our society. Particular attention is given to protecting children from sexual exploitation and helping to establish fair working conditions.

Natural Resources

Kuoni Group focuses on concrete actions and pilot projects related to climate change, coral reef protection, water protection and biodiversity as well as facilitating the transfer of knowledge on environmental management to our business partners.