Global Travel Distribution

Global Travel Distribution (GTD) is an industry pioneer and a highly experienced, leading global distributor that provides travel companies with easy access to hotel accommodation and destination services. It sells approximately 40,000 room nights per day online. And approximately 40% of its turnover is sourced from fast-growing markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

More information on the GTD Division and its operations:


GTA is a global B2B distributor that provides travel companies with easy access to accommodation and destination services for independent travellers. 50’000 hotels and apartments and more than 15000 transfer services, city tours and excursions, tickets and tour guide services, all of which can be booked online. GTA is an intermediary and distributes to various client types such as travel agencies, online travel agencies, tour operators and consolidators. Despite the high variety of products, it is very easy and fast for clients to make their selections and to book services. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology which makes the whole booking process efficient and dynamic – from the start right through to the automated billing at the end.

Employees negotiate contracts, including rates and availability, with the suppliers that provide these services at the destinations. All services are loaded automatically into the database/booking engines and offered for sale. Travel agencies, online travel agencies, tour operators and consolidators can access the contracted accommodation and destination services through GTA’s website or through an API feed and then sell the products either online or offline to their customers. GTA thus acts as a global link between the service providers (suppliers) – hotels and airport transfer companies for example – and the sellers who have direct customer contact (clients).  GTA uses modern technology and a global distribution network that gives suppliers access to travellers from markets which they would not be able to  access on their own. Kuoni offers these services through three different B2B brands: GTA for wholesalers, offline and online travel agents, tour operators and consolidators, TravelCube for travel agencies in Europe, Latin America and Australasia, and TravelBound for travel agencies in North America.

Kuoni earns its money in the GTD division either through margins built into its prices or through commissions. Margins in this area of business tend to be lower than in the traditional tour operating business, but there is much greater operational leverage. The business model is characterised by a high degree of automation, which keeps transaction costs low. As a result of “dynamic sourcing” of products, prices and therefore margins can be adjusted continuously in line with supply and demand. The use of modern technology allows bookings to be processed automatically and little manual intervention. The business model used in the GTD division is recognised as being particularly efficient and progressive, which means that global opportunities for growth are excellent.