Managing People

Behind Kuoni’s long tradition and remarkable success as a leader in travel industry lies a strong force: people who like to work for us and who all share the same passion and precision needed to create “Perfect Moments” for our guests and clients.

At Kuoni, we like to do the right things – and we love to do things right.

Nothing great in the world has been accomplished without passion.

Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel

Participation and performance

Do the right things
Kuoni Group is a strong brand as well as a reliable partner. Career ladders and training and development programs provide fair and transparent career development. Yearly appraisals following the same standards in all countries and units provide feedback and recognition.

At Kuoni we are proud of a leadership culture based on participation and high performance. Managers and employees are solidly rooted in globally shared brand values as well as in local cultures and traditions. They all share the same dedication to do the right things and to do things right.

Managers are trained on competency based performance management and on setting and monitoring clear and achievable targets. They are expected to ensure the highest standards of knowledge by sustaining solid transfer of information and know-how.

Setting up a strong framework for valuing and evaluating performance and skills enables Kuoni employees to explore and develop their talents in a structured yet self-determined way.

Drivers and values

Do things right
Kuoni business ethics are formed by legal compliance, corporate social responsibility and good business practice. The Kuoni Code of Conduct stands at the core of a set of state-of-the-art rules and regulations for managers and employees to base their decisions upon.

As Machiko leaves Kuoni’s Tokyo office, her colleague Yumiko waits at Paris CDG airport for a group of Japanese travellers booked on a programme Machiko has designed for a Japanese tour operator. In New York, at the same time, Andrew crawls out of his bed to face a challenging day working on an IT project designed to cater even better for the needs of his Japanese colleagues’ clients.

Meanwhile in London, Suzanne has just finished a call with a supplier in Hong Kong and heads for a morning coffee while Aveek in Delhi keys in the latest offers into a database that instantly turns room nights in a South-Indian spa resort into bookable offers on web platforms throughout the world. In Zurich, a sales workshop reaches out to solidify market leadership in Switzerland while the Group Executive Board signs off strategic targets for the upcoming business year.

Get the right people
Kuoni offers excellent opportunities to enter the company on all levels: as starters, and as experienced workers. Kuoni welcomes not only tourism professionals, but also skilled experts from all business fields such as Finance, Business Development, Communication or IT.

More than 8,000 people in over 100 countries on all five continents share Kuoni’s values and identity. Solidly rooted in their local heritage, they all have a global perspective and the same passion and precision needed to create “Perfect Moments” for their guests and clients.

Kuoni employees hold a particular passion for travel, diversity of cultures and different ways of life. They are keen to share it with their clients and they work tirelessly to get people’s holiday experiences just right. That means engaging in a true dialogue, accommodating their needs thoroughly, understanding what each individual person wants, and seeking an optimal solution every time. It also means keeping pace with the times, being innovative, and setting up itineraries with due heed to current trends and changes in the contemporary world.

Kuoni employees all over the world strive for perfection in their respective fields of work and share the same values: client orientation and a strong sense of managing and growing business. It’s the same employer throughout the different countries who offers employees on all levels a safe ground to learn and develop, challenging and rewarding, open to share success and appreciation.

Managing principals

More than any other service industry, travel business is a people’s business. Managing people therefore means managing a core asset of Kuoni. The company’s integrated people and business strategy lays the grounds for economic success.

Kuoni managers are expected to meet the highest expectations in terms of strategic and operative leadership and to leverage manpower for success. They are expected to lead by example and by objectives and to support and motivate employees.

To meet this target Kuoni trains managers on guiding principles to support them in leading and developing their teams. Amongst these are a competency based skill management and the setting and monitoring of clear and achievable targets on all levels. Managers are expected to involve their teams in workflow processes by ensuring the transfer of information and knowhow.

We understand managing people as setting up a strategic and operative framework for our employees to explore and develop their talents in a self-determined way. Employees thus come to consider themselves as valued contributors, highly motivated to support strategic development by operative excellence.

By anchoring a leadership culture based on participation and high performance, Kuoni achieves its ambitious business goals while ensuring employee satisfaction and motivation on all levels.

Policies and standards

Kuoni managers and employees base their decisions on the solid foundations laid by the Kuoni Code of Conduct and strong Corporate Governance rules. Furthermore, internal guidelines for transfer, performance management and recognition serve as framework to ensure exchange and equality of opportunities.

Global business relations across national and cultural borders call for diligent and straightforward decisions without losing the sense for cultural diversity. Conflicts are avoided by setting boundaries as well as by establishing a culture of information exchange and communication among decision-makers and employees. However fast reacting to business needs, decisions must be well-founded and diligently documented.

Diversity of cultures and integrity of environments form the basis of travel business. Kuoni takes responsibility for far-sighted and sustainable tourism development. Responsibility includes the highest standard of educating employees, influencing business partners, as well as supporting and starting initiatives and projects.

We believe only well-informed employees are able to exploit their full potential to the benefit of the company. Our employees shall be informed as comprehensively as possible about developments which affect them at Kuoni and about the company’s business strategy and performance.