The shares of Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd have been delisted at SIX (Zurich Stock Exchange) as of 10 November 2016 after the Kuoni Group had been taken private by private equity company EQT.

Share Capital Structure

Composition of share capital

Type of share Registered share A Registered share B Total
Number 1,249,500 3,748,500 4,998,000
Nominal value in CHF 0.20 1.00
Share capital ­ ­ ­
CHF 249,900 3,748,500 3,998,400
in % 6.25 93.75 100.00
Voting rights ­ ­ ­
Number 1,249,500 3,748,500 4,998,000
in % 25.00 75.00 100.00

Conditional capital

Conditional capital issuable via the exercise of conversion rights and / or warrants linked to bonds or similar debt issued by Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd. or any of its subsidiaries in the domestic or international capital markets  and / or via the exercise of options granted to shareholders amounts to a maximum of CHF 384,000, with a further maximum of CHF 96,000 reserved for employee stock option plans.

The conditional capital was approved during the shareholders meeting which took place on 16 May 2000.

Authorised capital

Kuoni Travel Holding Ltd. has no authorised capital.

Transfer restrictions

When exercising their right to vote, no shareholder shall be able to vote, with respect to their own shares or shares represented as a proxy, directly or indirectly, with more than 3% of the registered share capital entered in the Commercial Register.

Opting out

There is no opting out clause in the Articles of Incorporation.

Opting up

There is no opting up clause in the Articles of Incorporation.